Why capture images of our lives? The answer seems rather obvious if we just look on the surface. But if we go deeper we will find a connection that also goes deep. If your home was burning, your family was safe and you could only save one thing, what would it be? Most people would answer “My pictures.” Why? Because it is pictures that connect us to our past, to the events that molded us and made us who we are, and to our dearest memories.
Pictures are tied to our hearts in ways that words can never fully express. As we age, those ties grow stronger and carry more meaning. When we lose loved ones, those pictures become priceless. When I lost my wife to cancer; the value of every picture I had of her was and is priceless.
I wish I had more pictures of her, not just snapshots, but professional photos. In the 24 years we were married, we had a professional take our photo once. I have decided to take my hobby to a professional level for several reasons, but the one I want to express to you is this: I want to be your personal photographer. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Use your own camera more and allow me to professionally capture you and your family throughout your lives. I promise it will be money well spent.
–William Russell Dowd